{June 2, 2011}   Stand up (!), For your right (!),To bring a purse???

ok.. My 12 yr old daughters’ last day at school is tomorrow and they are out early so I wasn’t going to give her money for lunch. However the school is selling sack lunches for the kids to eat in class. I told her she can just wait and eat at home. She says she gets real hungry though. So I said take a lunch.

“They won’t let us bring lunch boxes”

!??? What? Then just take a purse and have your crackers and water in that.

“They won’t let us bring purses”

??!!! What? I knew they didn’t have to bring back packs.. last day of school and all there is no need. No purses?? What if you are on your cycle? Where are you supposed to hold your tampons and pads?

“I guess in your pocket but I am not on it so..”

!??? So (daughter), if you were on your period , you would be okay w/ holding your tampon or pad in your pocket for everyone to see?

“mom they aren’t letting us bring anything like that because last year the students brought water balloons on the last day of school”

okay but you aren’t doing that and if you bring a small purse to hold your personal items or your lunch they can’t tell you you can’t!

“mom its no big deal. I’m not on my period so its ok”

*sigh* (daughter), you need to start realizing that we all have personal rights that no one can take from us. We live in a free country that soldiers die for every day so we can enjoy those freedoms. TSA is already fondling us at the Airport. What if they start doing it at the schools? Where is your line drawn?

” I guess at the airport thing”

So you are willing to let SOME of your rights go unless it involves touching you? What about womens’ right to vote? Just because I may not care if I vote or not I shouldn’t fight for other women that want it? During the Freedom Rides protesting black segregation whites could say “it doesn’t affect me” But instead some said “What you are doing isn’t right to do to ANYONE!” We need to stand together against injustice and for people who can’t or don’t feel they can’t stand up for themself. If we don’t protect our basic rights then what are we in the USA for???

We have a compromised solution that she will take a paper sack for her snack/lunch. They BETTER not have an issue with that too! 😀

She  said ” Mom, why do you have to be such a good protester?” lol  I told her because I had this inner fight in me since I was young and had no one to motivate me or support me and tell me that I was allowed to have a voice. I am here to make sure my kids learn better from me.

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Totie says:

Beautiful! We have to teach our kids to at least question things instead of blindly accepting possible encroachments on our hard won rights and especially our bodies.

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